What File Type Do I Need?

 File extension: .TUD .eDesign .PDF
Required Software: TUKAdesign

TUKA3D Designer Edition

Graphic design software of your choice

Adobe Acrobat


Various Document Readers (check compatibility)

Editable: Yes Artwork Only Depends on Software (check compatibility)

About .TUD Files

.TUD files are digital sewing patterns created in the TUKAcad software for pattern making, grading, and marker making.

About .eDesign Files

.eDesign files are ready-made 3D garments used for artwork visualization in the TUKA3D Designer Edition software.

About .PDF Files

.PDF files are versatile document files which can be opened, edited, and printed / plotted from a variety of software programs. Please confirm capabilities with your chosen software.

Need a different file type?

We can convert this pattern to major fashion CAD file formats.