About Us

Before the internet, designers travelled to Europe to shop for "inspiration" for the latest fashions. They would bring home suitcases full of samples, then carefully take them apart, and trace the patterns to manila paper to knock the garment off.

In the digital age, inspiration is all over the web and social media, with the latest fashions right at your fingertips. 

Now with TUKAweb Designer Collections, you can find inspiration from real fashion designers and purchase the pattern itself to create your next must-have piece. No tracing necessary.

Simply download the patterns for your favorite styles and add your own flair. You can even create a totally new look by editing the pattern in the TUKAcad software.

TUKAweb Designer Collections feature digital sewing pattern downloads created by local fashion designers and pattern makers. These digital assets eliminate the need to draft a pattern or sew a physical sample during the design process.

The TUKAweb designer digital pattern collection has your fashion line's next must-have pieces. Simply select your pattern, find your fabric, and create your next design project.

Use for your next home sewing project, small batch collection, or bulk production. All digital patterns can be used to make sewn products for commercial or personal use. CAD and 3D files available.

You may modify as you wish. Not for resell.