Collection: Pa-lea Style by Dorothy Herrera

Pa-lea Style was inspired by a botanical name, meaning "the upper bract of a floret of grass."
Dorothy believes that fashion is not just a beautiful sketch or a collection of ideas. It's the fit. She has made her designer sewing patterns available to you, so you can create clothing worn with confidence, comfort, and ease; as natural as walking through a meadow of flowing tall grass. Cut your own fabric at home, or take these patterns to a manufacturer to produce in bulk. Use them as they are, or modify as you wish.

About Dorothy Herrera

Dorothy Herrera is a fashion designer, technical designer and a freelance virtual pattern maker. She has successfully worked with many startups as well as established designers from all over the world. Her clients have made the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, been best sellers at Free People, and been featured in editorials for Elle and Mademoiselle magazines.

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