What is the TUKAcad software?

This article will explain the TUKAcad software, how to start a monthly subscription, and how to enroll in an online training course to learn how to use the software.

About TUKAcad

TUKAcad is a CAD software for digital pattern making, grading, and marker making. With this software you can create or modify digital patterns for personal or professional use. TUKAcad is used by fashion industry professionals in businesses of all sizes, and taught at over 500 fashion schools.

How to Subscribe

Online Training Courses

The Getting Started with TUKAcad course teaches you everything you need to know to start using this software by drafting a t-shirt pattern from a rectangle, grading for four sizes, and creating a marker.

The Make a Wrap Dress from a Block course walks you through how to create a stylish ruffled wrap dress from a block pattern using the digital pattern making and grading tools in TUKAcad.

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