What File Type Do I Need?

This article lists the different file types available for our digital sewing patterns, and explains each one in detail. Please read carefully before selecting a file for your next project.

About .TUD Files

.TUD files are digital sewing patterns created in the TUKAcad software for pattern making, grading, and marker making.

 File extension: .TUD
Required Software: TUKAdesign
Editable: Yes

About .eDesign Files

.eDesign files are ready-made 3D garments used for artwork visualization in the TUKA3D Designer Edition software.

 File extension: .eDesign
Required Software:

TUKA3D Designer Edition

Graphic design software of your choice

Editable: Artwork Only

About .PDF Files

.PDF files are versatile document files which can be opened, edited, and printed / plotted from a variety of software programs. Please confirm capabilities with your chosen software.

 File extension: .PDF
Required Software:


Adobe Acrobat


Various Document Readers (check compatibility)

Editable: Depends on Software (check compatibility)

Need a different file type?

We can convert this pattern to major fashion CAD file formats.

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